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MSW- Loyola University 

BA- Rust College

Depression, Anxiety, Family Conflict, Relationships, Life transistions

CBT, Strengths-Based, Solution Focused, Narrative

Aetna, Blue Cross PPO, Cigna

1136 S Delano Ct 

Chicago, IL 60605

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Pasquail Cook, LCSW



I am a Clinical Therapist with a background in Social Work. I would best be described as an open, compassionate, empathic, caring, and most importantly humorous individual. Connecting with others is just what I do. I strive to assist my clients by being unbiased, supportive, and truly understanding them, their environment, and their support systems.

Many of my clients may be new to therapy and the therapy process so I am happy to assist. Clients can see me to help with managing stress or identifying and changing unwanted behaviors. I have an extensive background in trauma and specialize in emotional support and healing. With that, I tend to use a mix of a psychodynamic approach, CBT interventions, and narrative theory. The psychodynamic approach that I use focuses on unconscious processes as they are manifested in the client's present behavior. After we uncover the “why” for the behaviors we can focus on the “what” can be done utilizing interventions with cognitive behavior and rewriting your own narrative for your life.  

Born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, and after a brief stint in the south, obtaining my undergraduate degree, I returned home and managed to achieve and receive my Master’s in Social Work from Loyola University Chicago. I believe in social justice, equity, advocation, and the importance of mental health and education in communities of color. Every day I strive to direct others toward unleashing their own power of change for themselves and others.  I have worked in mental health, education, crisis management, and community engagement.

Apart from being a conducive pillar of change and hope, I enjoy the dichotomy of being a total couch potato with a good show and an even better snack and crushing it at the gym.


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Blue Cross Blue Sheild PPO