Hi, there. Welcome to Ashé Counseling & Coaching. Ashé is Chicago's premier psychology practice for individuals and couples  dealing with life

We are a group of enthusiastic, savvy, down-to-earth therapists. We offer a unique space for Chicago's motivated individuals and couples to gain insight into how to navigate life experiences and deepen their insight. We believe that if you want to live your best life, a therapist can shine the light to help you find the way. When you gift yourself the opportunity of therapy, the work can open up your life in beautiful, fulfilling ways.

Ashé's clients are professionals and students who don't want to settle for a mediocre life. We put immeasurable  value in living a quality human existence.  Our focus is helping people gain unique support to break through blindspots and old patterns that bind them. We help people release themselves from barriers they aren't aware of that impact their emotional lives, relationships, and career so they can live at their fullest capacity.

Meet The Team

Mandisa Jones, Lcsw

Kimya Barden, Phd

Kamiele Boston, LCSW

Jacquelyn Georgen, LCSW

Heather Collins, LCSW

Alana Gunn, PHD

Sophia Kihm, LSW

Aneisha Dunmore, LCSW

Kristen Wilding LSW

Andrea Velasco Echeverri, LPC

Lissette Urióstegui, LPC

Mary Cook, AM

Kenya Dalcour, MA

Pasquail Cook, MSW

Antionette Davis, LCPC

Karina Rice, LPC

Sarah Harty, LCSW



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Nneka Gross 

Billing Manager

al jones 14 .jpg

Alcus Jones

Client Relatons

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