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Graduate Internship Program for Counselors & Social Workers

Welcome! Our program cultivates experiences aligning with interns' educational and professional goals. Exposure to Ashe Counseling & Coaching's holistic internship and supervision approach fosters a sense of purpose.

Internship Overview 

Unlock your potential with the Ashe Counseling Internship Program—a transformative journey towards becoming a proficient, ethical, and self-assured clinician. Our program is meticulously crafted to provide a dynamic learning environment, equipping interns with the expertise and tools needed to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the industry.


At the heart of our community of learning and quality improvement, the Internship Program serves as a crucial bridge between academia and the professional world. We offer real-world experiences, supported by comprehensive supervision, enabling interns to thrive and seamlessly transition into their roles as clinicians.


Our carefully curated activities focus on fostering professional competence through a multifaceted approach, including didactic instruction, modeling, experiential learning, case discussions, and dedicated supervision. We pride ourselves on emphasizing service to culturally diverse communities and the treatment of underserved populations, aligning with our commitment to inclusivity.


Tailored to meet academic program requirements, our clinical internship hours are dedicated to cultivating a deep understanding and application of clinical skills. From psychosocial assessments and differential diagnoses to treatment planning and evidence-based interventions, interns are guided to elevate their proficiency in these crucial areas.


Join us on a transformative journey where you not only meet academic standards but exceed them, gaining the sensitivity to cultural, legal, and ethical factors that set you apart in the realm of clinical practice. Ashe Counseling Internship Program—your pathway to becoming a confident and compassionate clinician.

Our internship/fellowship program allows us to improve access to mental health care to individuals. If you have been looking for low cost, affordable mental health services book online today.

Conditions of Internship 

  • Ashe Counseling & Coaching LLC offers both clinical and nonclinical internships to students who are enrolled in accredited academic programs.  

  • Interns must be affiliated with a school during their placement with Ashe Counseling & Coaching .

  • The school or its representative and Ashe Counseling & Coaching must have an established agreement, in writing in place regarding the terms of an intern’s placement prior to the start of an internship.

  • Ashe Counseling & Coaching will accept internship applications during open application periods and reserves the right to temporarily close the application to the internship program. 

  • All internships are unpaid.   

  • Ashe Counseling & Coaching does not employ or provide internships to current or former clients or those who have family members in treatment to avoid confidentiality concerns or conflicts of interest.

Program Requirements


Priority Application open Jan 1

  • Applications received starting Jan


  • Applications reviewed and Interview invitations -  


  • Interview day with selection committee 


  • Offers and acceptance by Feb 28

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