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Ashe Counseling graduate intership program

Graduate Internship Program for Counselors & Social Workers

Welcome!  The experiences our interns will have here will support their educational and professional aspirations. They may also find that the sense of purpose develop by being exposed to Ashe Counseling & Coaching holistic approach to internship and supervision

Internship Overview

It is the goal of the Ashe Counseling Internship Program to train its interns to become competent, ethical, and confident clinicians. We provide experience and supervision that allow interns to thrive, and gain the knowledge and tools that empower them to adapt to an ever-changing industry.

The Internship Program is an integral part of our community of learning and quality improvement. Our internships help bridge the gap between the academic and working world by providing real world experience to interns through supervised training and service delivery.

The activities of the internship are designed to teach and develop professional competence through didactic instruction, modeling, experience, case discussion, and supervision.

The internship emphasizes the provision of service to culturally diverse communities, as well as the treatment of underserved populations. Clinical internships hours are based on the academic program requirements . During the course of clinical internships, interns are expected to grow their knowledge and practice of clinical skills including  psychosocial assessments, differential diagnosis, treatment planning, and evidenced-based interventions. All of these areas of clinical practice require a sensitivity to cultural, legal, and ethical factors.

Intership Overview

Our internship/fellowship program allows us to improve access to mental health care to individuals. If you have been looking for low cost, affordable mental health services book online today.

Conditions of Internship 

  • Ashe Counseling & Coaching LLC offers both clinical and nonclinical internships to students who are enrolled in accredited academic programs.  

  • Interns must be affiliated with a school during their placement with Ashe Counseling & Coaching .

  • The school or its representative and Ashe Counseling & Coaching must have an established agreement, in writing in place regarding the terms of an intern’s placement prior to the start of an internship.

  • Ashe Counseling & Coaching will accept internship applications during open application periods and reserves the right to temporarily close the application to the internship program. 

  • All internships are unpaid.   

  • Ashe Counseling & Coaching does not employ or provide internships to current or former clients or those who have family members in treatment to avoid confidentiality concerns or conflicts of interest.

Program Requirements


Priority Application open Feb 1


  • Applications received starting Feb 1


  • Applications reviewed and Interview invitations -  Week 1 in March


  • Interview day with selection committee - Mid-March


  • Offers and acceptance by March 30

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