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We offer affordable mental wellness services to our community 

Ashé Community Mental Wellness Clinic

Our mission is to empower individuals, couples, and families by delivering superior quality mental wellness services. We are committed to improving access to quality mental health services regardless of insurance and ability to pay. The creation of our Community Mental Wellness clinic provides affordable therapy to our community while simultaneous train graduate  interns to become competent, ethical, and confident clinicians.

Our program  is staffed by graduate level clinical interns , who are trained and supervised by highly trained licensed therapists.  We provide experience and supervision that allow interns to thrive, and gain the knowledge and tools that empower them to adapt to an ever-changing industry.


We discovered that therapy provided by our graduate student therapists is significantly effective and many clients have benefited from the experience working with our clinical interns.


Ashe Counseling & Coaching has been designated as a behavioral health center in Illinois. This means that our interns accept IL Medicaid, Aetna Better Health, Meridian, and Blue Cross Community. If you do not have insurance, the sliding scale cost is $25.00 per session 

Get Started 

We are currently accepting new clients to work with our intern. 

Our program 

Ashe Counseling Interns
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