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Careers at 
Ashé Counseling & Coaching LLC 

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Why work with us?

At Ashe Counseling & Coaching , we understand the importance of community and balance. That's why we offer our staff a flexible work schedule that allows them to work directly with their clients to change or reschedule sessions as needed. Our offices are open seven days a week with both morning and evening hours, providing a variety of scheduling options to suit our staff's needs.

Our staff spends their time doing what they do best - providing clinical care to their clients. We have a separate billing and credentialing department that handles insurance paneling, benefit quotes, and claims submissions, allowing our therapists to focus on the clinical aspect of private practice.

Working at Ashe Counseling offers the best of both worlds - autonomy and support. Our offices have their own communities for support, and we formally meet annually (in addition to informal gatherings throughout the year) to share resources, information, and advice.

We take the stress out of client acquisition by matching clients with our therapists based on availability, office location, and counseling needs. Our intake team handles all new client inquiries by phone and email, and our administrative support staff handle marketing, office maintenance, trainings and events, materials, and resources, and much more.

Ashe Counseling provides opportunities for individual and group supervision/consultation for our therapists i. We also have a convenient and contemporary office locations. 

Our compensation is competitive, based on licensure, experience, and tenure, and with our high volume of referrals, our staff are able to earn a strong and steady income year-round.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower individuals, couples and families by delivering superior quality mental wellness services .

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