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Miranda Mihalic


About Me

Beginning the search for therapy is extremely brave and can be overwhelming while experiencing challenges that may limit energy and capacity. I am an LGBTQ+ affirming worker with a mixed ethnic background and will do my best to offer a warm, collaborative environment to my clients. I engage with compassion and strive to be able to see you deeply, as each client has unique experiences to understand. Being able to connect with one another is a crucial part in having a positive experience and I will be mindful of creating a safe space to be able to be vulnerable, make mistakes, and model what positive relationship behaviors look like. I believe everyone is an expert of their individual experiences and I will meet the client where they are. 


My practice utilizes a strength-based approach, so clients can reconstruct their perception of personal capabilities. Acknowledging one’s strengths can alter how one may interpret their challenges within an oppressive system all while persevering with internal resources. 


Unlearning behavior that has been so deeply embedded can be broken down and rebuilt with care, which I will guide clients toward by integrating psychoeducation and trauma-informed practice. Understanding the “why” can take pressure off the individual and give space to offer empathy and confirmation of how learned processes have impacted oneself. 

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Addiction, ADHD, Anxiety, Drug Abuse, Stress, Substance Use, Suicidal Ideation, Transgender, Women's Issues

Adults, Adolescents

In Person & Virtual 

Aetna Better Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield Community, Meridian, IL Medicaid, 

1550 S Indiana Ave 

Suite 2NE

Chicago, IL 60605

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