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Clara F. Villaseñor



A Bit About Me

I am a bilingual (Spanish-English) Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Supervisor at Ashe Counseling and

Coaching in Chicago. I'm also currently learning American Sign Language (ASL) to best communicate with

my deaf partner. In my 10+ years of work experience I have been described by my colleagues as

knowledgeable and a natural leader and my client's have expressed an appreciation for my compassionate

directness, progressive framework, and my genuine character.

I was born in Chicago, raised in South Texas, and as an adult I have lived in San Francisco, Panama, Costa

Rica, and have ultimately laid roots in the south side of Chicago. My Master degree in Social Work is from

the University of Illinois at Chicago and I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of San

Francisco in California. My experience extends from clients of all ages in a variety of settings including

multiple detention centers for unaccompanied minors, transitional living program for young adults, and

children and caregivers engaged in foster care.

Why did you decide to become a social worker?

I used to work as a supervisor on a hotline for runaway youth and I realized I wanted to learn how to be a

support to people using a holistic approach by seeing the whole person and their environment and not just

the problem in front of them.


What type of clients are you most excited to work with?

Although I work with clients of all ages, I am especially passionate about

working with those who want a change or growth, but do not know where to start

What's one thing you wish all clients knew?

I have a great passion working with adolescents and young adults that battle with the emotional and

behavioral symptoms of trauma, bullying, sexual identity, anxiety, depression, and especially navigating

and disrupting systems of oppression and white supremacy. My decolonizing, anti-racist, and anticapitalist

framework is at the foundation of my work with individuals of diverse backgrounds and

experiences especially those that identify as part of the QTBIPoC community.

My top 3 feel good songs 

My clients. It is truly inspiring to see the progress, resilience, and vulnerability that is displayed by my clients. 




Anxiety Career Counseling Coping Skills

Depression Self Esteem Stress

Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, Cigna, Aetna, United Health Care

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