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Diana Cazares



A Bit About Me

As a first generation Latina therapist, I understand that healing is non-linear and very unique to each person. Through a cultural and trauma informed lens I allow my clients to take the lead and take back ownership for their voices. I specialize in working with individuals through relationship needs, life transitions, anxiety, depression, and healing trauma.  I’m passionate about providing a safe and non-judgemental space for folks to explore their experiences while using a blend of skills based and body based practices. Through my previous experience I recognized the impact systems have in the accessibility to mental health services, and how challenging it can be. This influences my work in promoting clients self-advocacy while holding compassion. 

I’m particularly interested and have most experience in working with young people, adults, and LGBTQ+ youth. I have had multiple years of experience working with folks who have been through the Chicago educational system. I lead my sessions with an open heart while also giving tangible skills to clients. I am the therapist that is going to send the hard text message with you, come up with an actionable plan, and get curious with the parts of you that hold you back.

Why did you decide to become a social worker?

I chose social work because I enjoy helping others and I’m passionate about advocating for their needs. I thrive to provide a safe and judgment free space for folks to explore their experiences and for us to embark on a healing journey together.

What type of clients are you most excited to work with?

I’m excited to work with teens and young adults/adults who are having a hard time navigating life transitions, relationship challenges, anxiety and depression.

What's one thing you wish all clients knew?

Seeking therapy can be scary and then going to therapy can be even scarier. Therapy challenges you to see yourself in a way that you normally wouldn’t, it requires vulnerability and openness which can be uncomfortable. The cool part is, your therapist is not there to judge you but instead there to hold a safe space for you to explore and reflect on the part of you that is not always the prettiest and we're here to stay and listen, and not to run away from it!

Why did you choose to practice at Ashe Counseling & Coaching LLC

I chose to be part of the Ashe team because their values align perfectly with my values and mission as a social worker and clinician. I thrive to be part of a team that encourages and celebrates diversity and one that cares about providing services to ALL communities.

My top 3 feel good songs 

Seeking therapy can be scary and then going to therapy can be even scarier. Therapy challenges you to see yourself in a way that you normally wouldn’t





Coping Skills


Family Conflict



Trauma and PTSD

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