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This may be a good time to consider tele-therapy

Who would have thought a pandemic may trigger depression, anxiety and or PTSD? Pre- Corvid-19, many therapist (including Ashe Counseling) offer tele-therapy as an option.

What can a person do when they are experiencing stress and anxiety and there are executive orders to participate in social distancing and self-isolation. Tele-therapy is more crucial than ever.

There are a variety ways to do online therapy and some insurances will cover the cost of tele-therapy during this pandemic. At Ashe Counseling & Coaching, we offer virtual services through a HIPAA complaint software. Picture "skyping" or facetiming" with your therapist.

If you are used to going to your therapist office or if this is your first time in therapy, it maybe an adjustment. It may feel awkward having your therapist "see" your house and you see theirs. Many of my clients expressed that by the end of the first virtual session they feel comfortable and begin to prefer therapy in their home.

One benefit of virtual therapy that many clients notice is that sessions take up much less of your day since there is no travel time involved. Clients also experience a greater flexibility in when sessions can be held. You'll also never have to cancel for weather, sickness (cornavirus) or lack of transportation.

If you are considering tele-therapy, some ways to get the most out of your sessions.

1. Schedule a time that is convenient and you will have privacy.

2. Turn of phone or computer notifications

3. Take notes of things you would like to discuss before your appointment

4. Treat virtual therapy like any other appointment.

5. Be honest in your sessions.

6. Use therapy as a social opportunity during social distancing.

Tele therapy is extremely beneficial during this time. We are experiencing something none of us could have predicted. It’s natural to feel fear, anxiety, sadness or other negative emotions. Therapy can help you navigate that. Those with prior mental health issues find that their conditions are exasperated by the state of the world. Please reach out for support if needed.

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