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There is no end that is not a starting point (Goodbye 2020)

As we approach the last 2 weeks of this incredible year, this would be a good time to reflect and prepare for the year ahead. There is no end that is not a starting point. My word for 2020 is connection. Whether it was a human connection or wifi connection it was the necessity that got me through this year.

“Every single person is having their false sense of control removed from them. We’re being shown the fragility of life, the interconnectedness of all life, and that we exist beyond the boundaries of nations, race, religion, ideology, sexual identity, and socioeconomic backgrounds because the virus affects everybody. This experience is awakening us to the reality of oneness. We’re also growing in our empathy and in our capacity for connection.” -Panache Desai

As we prepare for the year ahead, let us think of how we can grow and improve connection in our lives, despite Covid-19 still ravaging our communities. What can we do to continue to foster connection.

What keeps you grounded? According to Merriam Webster, grounded means "mentally and emotionally stable. During these times, you may be finding it challenging to remain calm. However here are some steps to consider as we prepare for 2021.

We tried to create and maintain routines as if times were as they were but they are not. And pretending like there are is not very helpful. It might be a little delusional. Our focus should be creating an environment that works for the Now. Now is all that we have. What do you need now to make yourself feel comfortable. Is it sleeping in later or exercising during lunch?

Changing your outlook and focus on what you can control, Is the key to survival. Here 10 questions that you can ask yourself, when feeling anxious that may help improve your outlook.

  1. How can I look at this differently?

  2. Who or What Am I Blaming?

  3. Who or What Can I Forgive?

  4. What Clutter Can I Remove From My Life?

  5. What Is My ‘Why’?

  6. What If This Could Be Easy and Fun?

  7. Are these thoughts helpful?

  8. Am I being loving and kind?

  9. Is it really in my control?

  10. Am I assuming the worst?

Please let us know in the comments what helps you change your out look.

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