No new friends? Why not?

So for a couple of years the hashtag #nonewfriends popularized by the artist Drake, has been the mantra celebrating friendships with people who have been around before the success. As celebrities such as Drake have to be cautious of individuals that the let in their inner circle for fear of harmed by people with ill intentions. However they still manage to have "bromances" and build relationship with people they meet post success. I am sure those "new friends" some how help maintain that level of success.

However #nonewfriends mantra can be problematic for a few reasons. First, you are closing the door to person who may be a better friend to you than your "old" friends. Not everyone is out get you. You might me someone that you can start fresh with a release old negative patterns, Sometimes we meet people at different stages of our lives. That is the next reason. Our cells regenerate every 7 years, therefore we are not "physically" the same per