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It's our anniversary !

January 2021, marks the 2 year Ashé Counseling & Coaching has been offering psychotherapy in Chicago. We are so proud of the work that we are doing with our clients. We are really proud of our clients who have taken the leap to do the work to improve their lives. We understand that it takes courage and commitment to seek therapy. Despite (or because of) the drama of 2020, our clients did not give up.

To meet the demand and to help as many clients we will continue to grow in 2021. We are hiring more therapists and office spaces. We will continue to educate our therapists so that we can continue to provide the best practices. It is also important that we continue to advocate for mental health, and help make quality therapy more accessible.

Thank you for rocking with us! We feel the love and support. We are so grateful for this opportunity.

Happy new year!

Mandisa, Founder

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