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Kalen Cobb



A Bit About Me

I am a mental health therapist at Ashé Counseling and Coaching. I have training in Trauma-Informed Practice, Black Diasporic Social Work, and Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools. I am often described as warm, authentic, and naturally curious. In working with clients, I want them to know, “Your needs are welcome here. You don’t need to have all the answers.” I have experience working with clients of all ages but am especially passionate about supporting Gen Z and millennials through critical life transitions. I have worked in schools, non-profit organizations, startups, and private practice which has given me a variety of tools to support clients and their families. In my work, I use a strengths-based and culturally relevant approach that offers clients room to explore in a safe, collaborative, and nonjudgmental space. Personally, I grew up in Metro Detroit and went on to earn my bachelor’s degree in Psychology and African American Studies from Harvard University. After working in Boston Public Schools for a few years, I earned my Master of Social Work (MSW) degree from the University of Michigan. I officially moved to Chicago at the beginning of 2023 and have been growing my community here since. Outside of work, I enjoy attending comedy shows, exploring new neighborhoods and restaurants for Chicago’s best burger, and taking up new activities through the Park District.

Why did you decide to become a social worker?

My interest in the mental health field started from a young age. I thought I was going to be a psychiatrist but after learning more about the role, I pivoted to a more client-focused career. Social work allows me to understand individuals as part of complex systems, hierarchies, and power dynamics which provides greater context to a client's presenting issue. This is to say, I see each client as a unique individual that is experiencing their own challenges and also understand that many of the experiences we have, and the reactions to them, are not created in a vacuum. My work is to help clients navigate their challenges and advocate for macro-level policy changes to better support our lived experiences.

What type of clients are you most excited to work with?

As a zillennial (member of both Millennials and Gen Z) Black woman, I love working with women, nonbinary femmes, and girls of color ages 12-35.* I know too well the pressures that come with being high-achieving, having marginalized identities, and simply existing in our bodies as people of color. For this reason, I work to create a space where each client remains the center of attention from the moment they enter session until it ends. Though each client has unique goals for their therapy journey, I believe that everyone deserves at least one space where they can fully be themselves. I feel most alive when working with clients who hold these identities and are navigating issues of anxiety, self-esteem, depression, Gifted Kid Burnout, relationship challenges, or stress. I use a combination of formal modalities and also incorporate other resources such as books, podcasts, mindfulness activities, and music into my work. *Though these identities capture many of my current clients, it isn't exhaustive and should not be a barrier if we otherwise seem like a good fit.

What's one thing you wish all clients knew?

Therapy is not a quick-fix and requires a commitment to show up, lean into vulnerability, and be willing to practice what you learn in between sessions. I will do my part to provide a safe, nonjudgemental, and collaborative space to identify your needs and support your growth. During our time together, there will be laughter, there will probably be tears, but through it all, you won’t be alone. Thank you for trusting me on your journey.

Why did you choose to practice at Ashe Counseling & Coaching LLC

The private practice world can be lonely, especially as a Black woman, so I was looking for a space where diversity, social justice, and anti-racism are given more air time than statements on a website, and I've found that here at Ashé. I aspire to thrive both professionally and personally, and know that I need to be surrounded by like-minded individuals in order to reach the goals I have for myself. Moreover, I know that the work we are doing and the history of Black Diasporic people is grounded in community and I'm glad that I'm part of a practice that leverages community to offer effective support to our clients.

My top 3 feel good songs 

I am inspired by the glorious rising and setting of the sun each day; the women and femmes who I call dear ones




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Preteen/​teen (12-17)

Young adult 18-24


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